StandUp Paddleboard

Experience the serenity of Stand Up Paddle Boarding – it’s gentle on joints, tones muscles from head to toe, and offers a refreshing connection to nature. Join us to “walk on water” and embrace the thrill of the world’s fastest-growing watersport!

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Beginner SUP

In this lesson, you’ll learn the ABCs of stand up paddleboarding – from staying safe on the water to nailing your stance and mastering paddle techniques. With the price covering a board, paddle, and leash, you’ll be all set to dive in, no matter your experience or fitness level. Get ready to paddle like a pro from day one!

StandUp Paddleboard Yoga

Gentle Wave Yoga

Find your flow as you harmonize mind and body through meditation, breathwork, and Hatha-style asanas. Embrace the gentle pace, holding postures longer to melt away tension, loosen joints, and cleanse the body. Finally, drift into blissful relaxation on your board, leaving you feeling utterly happy and liberated!

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Nautical Flow Yoga

Improve your balance, coordination, and body strength by syncing Ujjayi breathing with physical postures in our invigorating Vinyasa class. Flow through a series of sun salutations to connect movement with breath, calming the mind and bringing a sense of peace. Wind down with blissful relaxation on your board, leaving you feeling happy and liberated!

StandUp Paddleboard Fitness

Surfer Sculpt

Let the surf and sand amp up your fitness game! Dive into a mix of beach-based movement training, paddle drills for endurance, on-board balance exercises, and a chill SUP yoga-inspired cooldown. This full-body workout blends cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance for a fun, total-body burn that’ll have you rocking a surfer’s physique in no time.

Advanced SUP

Taking your skills up a notch from the beginner SUP lesson, this session focuses on refining your stroke technique to paddle like a pro! We’ll break down your stroke mechanics and use drills to amp up your speed and efficiency on the water. Expect SUP interval training and practice sessions on race starts, turns, and finishes in every class!

SUP Glow Sunset Tour

Night Paddleboarding Adventure! We’ll paddle out just before sunset to soak in the stunning Southern Indiana sunset. Once dusk settles, our LED lights will illuminate our journey. No previous SUP experience required. All ages welcome. Kayak option also available.

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